Computer-Aided Design

Engineering & Manufacturing​

We provide M&E services for architectural firms using AutoCAD as a tool, We also have experts in SolidWorks for manufacturing companies, Without CAD experts we can design and model any builds, from bottle or container design to mechanical or CAM systems.

For presentation purposes, we offer animations of the engineering look-alike

Management Information Systems

Spice systems and software focus on using computer information technology to generate a better business perspective thereby reducing cost in the long run and increasing efficiency in the short run.

Management Information Systems that involves, Business Process Re-Engineering, Computerization. E-Commerce, E-Library, Company Application Website or Blog. Bulk SMS, Online Ads.

Software Design, Development and Sales

industrial-specific design, Modular architecture software design, Simple algorithm software Electronic

Filing Cabinet (Document Management software for companies)

Expenditure Sanction (A cost analysis software for PHCN or any energy distribution company)

EMR (Electronic Medical Record for hospitals)

Software Sales & Franchising.

Bitdefender Antivirus, Medinous HMIS, 

Computer Systems Hardware Supply

Supply of computer systems hardware based on systems requirement of the client.

Computer systems, servers, desktop computers, Laptop computers, All-in-one systems. Printers, Plotters all hardware manufacturer type, HP Dell, Asus, Toshiba, Epson. etc.

We also provide special hardware for special purposes, 

Security Surveillance Systems

A conventional surveillance system is easy to set up, but a real-time online one requires adequate and proper design to be able to achieve a cost-effective and yet robust system. We offer such intelligence systems for security. 

We also provide biometric systems and card coding.

Peopleware:  Training and Human resource development

Human capacity development and people-ware for hard-to-learn software like AutoCAD, PowerPoint presentation for managers, 3D Map, Google Earth, Microsoft Projects for project managers etc